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Introduction: A Focus on China

These articles were selected because they are the most read in China for each journal.

Children are of crucial importance in China. In a country where the need for children to excel in school is extremely high, a great deal of attention must be paid not only to the factors which affect children’s academic performance, but to their wellbeing. Of equal importance is the child’s place in the family and the relationships they have with other members of the family unit. It is in this spirit of seeking and improving understanding of the role of children in China that this issue collects important research from some of the best psychology journals published by Wiley, the premier publisher of psychology journals. I hope that you enjoy reading them- Jianxin Zhang, Deputy Director, Institute of Psychology, Chinese of Academy of Science

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Focus on Emotions and Development

‘You Feel Sad?’ Emotion Understanding Mediates Effects of Verbal Ability and Mother–Child Mutuality on Prosocial Behaviors: Findings from 2 Years to 4 Years
Social Development

The Impact of Enhancing Students’ Social and Emotional Learning: A Meta–Analysis of School–Based Universal Interventions
Child Development

Intergenerational Transmission of Adaptive Functioning: A Test of the Interactionist Model of SES and Human Development
Child Development

Three–Year–Old Children Intervene in Third-Party Moral Transgressions
British Journal of Developmental Psychology

Insufficient Sleep and the Socioeconomic Status Achievement Gap
Child Development Perspectives

Theory of Mind in Infancy
Child Development Perspectives

Loneliness of Left–Behind Children: A Cross-Sectional Survey in A Sample of Rural China
Child: Care, Health and Development

Perspective Taking in Children’s Narratives About Jealousy
British Journal of Developmental Psychology

Children’s Social Identities
Infant and Child Development

Cultural Variability in the Manifestation of Expressed Emotion
Family Process

Maternal and Infant Behavior and Context Associations with Mutual Emotion Availability
Infant Mental Health Journal

Development and Validation of the Chinese Rehearsal Scale For Preadolescent Chinese Children
Journal of Clinical Psychology

Four Themes From 20 Years of Research on Infant Perception and Cognition
Infant and Child Development

Handbook of Childhood Cognitive Development: Memory Development in Childhood

Handbook of Infant Development 2e: Parent–Infant Interaction

Smith/Handbook of Childhood Social Development: Culture and Social Development
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Focus on Education, School, and Learning

Piecing Together Numerical Language: Children’s Use of Default Units in Early Counting and Quantification
Developmental Science

The Contribution of Personality Traits and Self–Efficacy Beliefs To Academic Achievement: A Longitudinal Study
British Journal of Educational Psychology

Toward a Science of Learning Games
Mind, Brain, and Education

School Engagement, Risky Peers, and Student–Teacher Relationships as Mediators of School Violence in Taiwanese Vocational Versus Academically Oriented High Schools
Journal of Community Psychology

How Does Learning Impact Development in Infancy? The Case of Perceptual Organization

Reading Assessment Methods for Middle-School Students: An Investigation of Reading Comprehension Rate and Maze Accurate Response Rate
Psychology in the Schools

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Focus on Relationships

Shyness, Sociability, and the Role of Media Synchronicity in the Use of Computer–Mediated Communication for Interpersonal Communication
Asian Journal of Social Psychology

Role of Parent and Peer Relationships and Individual Characteristics in Middle School Children’s Behavioral Outcomes in the Face of Community Violence
Journal of Research on Adolescence

Intergenerational Exchange Between Parents and Migrant and Nonmigrant Sons in Rural China
Journal of Marriage and Family

Expressions of Generativity Through Family Leisure: Experiences of Grandparents and Adult Grandchildren
Family Relations

Attachment, Self-Compassion, Empathy, and Subjective Well–Being Among College Students and Community Adults
Journal of Personality

Advisor–Student Relationship in Business Education Project Collaborations: A Psychological Contract Perspective
Journal of Applied Social Psychology

Hopelessness, Parent–Adolescent Communication, and Suicidal Ideation among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong
Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior

Handbook of Couples and Family Relationships: The Role of the Family across the Lifespan

Handbook of Couples and Family Relationships: Promoting Positive Pathways for Youth and Young Adults to Healthy Relationships and Marriages
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Focus on Mental and Physical Health

Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety among Adolescents Following the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in China
Journal of Traumatic Stress

Schoolchildren’s Consumption of Competitive Foods and Beverages, Excluding à la Carte
Journal of School Health

Clinically Relevant Measures of Children’s Theory of Mind and Knowledge about Thinking: Non–Standard and Advanced Measures
Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Annual Research Review: Transgenic Mouse Models of Childhood–Onset Psychiatric Disorders
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry

The Importance of Physical Education Classes in Pre-School Children
Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health

An Exploratory Study of the Impact of an Adolescent’s Eating Disorder on Chinese Parents’ Well-Being, Marital Life and Perceived Family Functioning in Shenzhen, China: Implications for Social Work Practice
Child & Family Social Work

Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care (MTFC): Results From an Independent Replication
Journal of Family Therapy

The Trajectory of Counseling in China: Past, Present, and Future Trends
Journal of Counseling & Development

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