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Chemistry–A European Journal is a truly international peer-review journal with top-quality contributions. It publishes a wide range of outstanding Reviews, Minireviews, Concepts, Full Papers, and Communications from all areas of chemistry and related fields.

Based in Europe, Chemistry–A European Journal provides an excellent platform, for authors and readers alike, for increasing the visibility of European chemistry as well as for featuring the best research from authors from around the world.

We are a society journal, jointly owned by 15 European Chemical Societies, and published under the banner of ChemPubSoc Europe. A look at the 25 most-accessed articles over the last twelve months, now available with free access, shows the diversity of chemistry that we publish.

We are currently celebrating 20 years of the journal and invite you to be part of this exciting venture by sending us your next excellent manuscript.

Anne Deveson
Chemistry–A European Journal

25 Most Accessed Articles from Chemistry–A European Journal:

Free Nanoparticles as Semi-Heterogeneous Catalyst Supports
Alexander Schätz, Oliver Reiser, Wendelin J. Stark

Free One-Pot Synthesis of (−)-Oseltamivir and Mechanistic Insights into the Organocatalyzed Michael Reaction
Takasuke Mukaiyama, Hayato Ishikawa, Hiroyuki Koshino, Yujiro Hayashi

Free Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Metal Nanostructures: The Case of Silver
Benjamin Wiley, Yugang Sun, Brian Mayers, Younan Xia

Free Dual Catalysis Sees the Light: Combining Photoredox with Organo-, Acid, and Transition-Metal Catalysis
Matthew N. Hopkinson, Basudev Sahoo, Jun-Long Li, Frank Glorius

Free Modulated Synthesis of Zr-Based Metal–Organic Frameworks: From Nano to Single Crystals
Andreas Schaate, Pascal Roy, Adelheid Godt, Jann Lippke, Florian Waltz, Michael Wiebcke, Peter Behrens

Free A Radical Process towards the Development of Transition-Metal-Free Aromatic Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions
Tek Long Chan, Yinuo Wu, Pui Ying Choy, Fuk Yee Kwong

Free Recent Advances in Organocatalytic Methods for Asymmetric C–C Bond Formation
Ulf Scheffler, Rainer Mahrwald

Free A Rationale for the Large Breathing of the Porous Aluminum Terephthalate (MIL-53) Upon Hydration
Thierry Loiseau, Christian Serre, Clarisse Huguenard, Gerhard Fink,
Francis Taulelle, Marc Henry, Thierry Bataille, Gérard Férey

Free A General Method for N-Methylation of Amines and Nitro Compounds with Dimethylsulfoxide
Xue Jiang, Chao Wang, Yawen Wei, Dong Xue, Zhaotie Liu, Jianliang Xiao

Free Controlled Synthesis of Large-Area and Patterned Electrochemically Reduced Graphene Oxide Films
Ming Zhou, Yuling Wang, Yueming Zhai, Junfeng Zhai, Wen Ren, Fuan Wang, Shaojun Dong

Free Copper–Boxmi Complexes as Highly Enantioselective Catalysts for Electrophilic Trifluoromethylthiolations
Qing-Hai Deng, Christoph Rettenmeier, Hubert Wadepohl, Lutz H. Gade

Free Metal-Catalyzed Reductive Coupling Reactions of Organic Halides with Carbonyl-Type Compounds
Toni Moragas, Arkaitz Correa, Ruben Martin

Free Oxime Ligation: A Chemoselective Click-Type Reaction for Accessing Multifunctional Biomolecular Constructs
Sébastien Ulrich, Didier Boturyn, Alberto Marra, Olivier Renaudet, Pascal Dumy

Free Total Synthesis of (+)-Pleuromutilin
Neal J. Fazakerley, Matthew D. Helm, David J. Procter

Free Novel 10-I-3 Hypervalent Iodine-Based Compounds for Electrophilic Trifluoromethylation
Patrick Eisenberger, Sebastian Gischig, Antonio Togni

Free Transition-Metal-Free Catalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
Frédéric-Georges Fontaine, Marc-André Courtemanche, Marc-André Légaré

Free Chiral Hypervalent Iodine Reagents: Synthesis and Reactivity
Alejandro Parra, Silvia Reboredo

Free Catalytic and Asymmetric Fluorolactonisations of Carboxylic Acids through Anion Phase Transfer
Dixit Parmar, Modhu Sudan Maji, Magnus Rueping

Free Confined Nanospace Pyrolysis for the Fabrication of Coaxial Fe3O4@C Hollow Particles with a Penetrated Mesochannel as a Superior Anode for Li-Ion Batteries
Cheng Lei, Fei Han, Qiang Sun, Wen-Cui Li, An-Hui Lu

Free Highly Active Palladium/Activated Carbon Catalysts for Heck Reactions: Correlation of Activity, Catalyst Properties, and Pd Leaching
Klaus Köhler, Roland G. Heidenreich, Jürgen G. E. Krauter, Jörg Pietsch

Free An Easy Route to (Hetero)arylboronic Acids
William Erb, Akila Hellal, Mathieu Albini, Jacques Rouden, Jérôme Blanchet

Free Enhancing the Water Splitting Efficiency of Sn-Doped Hematite Nanoflakes by Flame Annealing
Lei Wang, Chong-Yong Lee, Anca Mazare, Kiyoung Lee, Julian Müller,
Erdmann Spiecker, Patrik Schmuki

Free The Redox-Neutral Approach to C–H Functionalization
Bo Peng, Nuno Maulide

Free Pillararene-Based Assemblies: Design Principle, Preparation and Applications
Huacheng Zhang, Yanli Zhao

Free Towards Ideal Synthesis: Alkenylation of Aryl C–H Bonds by a Fujiwara–Moritani Reaction
Lihong Zhou, Wenjun Lu

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