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European Journal of Neuroscience
  European Journal of Neuroscience
Parkinson’s Disease

On March 29, 2012, the United States Senate officially declared this month, April, as Parkinson’s Awareness Month. The express aim of these initiatives is to increase public awareness of one of the commonest and most debilitating brain diseases. Accordingly, here we highlight some of the PD-related research published in the European Journal of Neuroscience since the beginning of 2013.

Edited By: Jean-Marc Fritschy and Martin Sarter
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Editorial Mechanism of Toxicity and Degeneration Characterizing and Promoting Neuroprotection and Regeneration
Organization of the Basal
Ganglia and Basis of
Parkinsonian Deficits
Potential Symptomatic Treatments and their Mechanisms  
Articles include:

Time course of dopamine neuron loss and glial response in the 6-OHDA striatal mouse model of Parkinson’s disease
Stott, S. R. and R. A. Barker
Expression of integrin and CD44 receptors recognising osteopontin in the normal and LPS-lesioned rat substantia nigra
Ailane, S., P. Long, et al.
Distribution of dopamine transporter immunoreactive fibers in the human amygdaloid complex
Garcia-Amado, M. and L. Prensa
Deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus reverses oral tremor in pharmacological models of parkinsonism: interaction with the effects of adenosine A2A antagonism
Collins-Praino, L. E., N. E. Paul, et al.
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