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New Virtual Issue: Top 10 Original Articles Published in 2012
New, Higher Impact Factor 5.066
All articles freely available online. Highlights include:
Comparison of polarization properties of human adult microglia and blood-derived macrophages
Bryce A. Durafourt, Craig S. Moore, Domenick A. Zammit, Trina A. Johnson, Fatma Zaguia, Marie-Christine Guiot, Amit Bar-Or, Jack P. Antel
Identification of a microglia phenotype supportive of remyelination
Marta Olah, Sandra Amor, Nieske Brouwer, Jonathan Vinet, Bart Eggen, Knut Biber, Hendrikus W. G. M Boddeke
Erk1/2 MAPK and mTOR signaling sequentially regulates progression through distinct stages of oligodendrocyte differentiation
Hebe M. Guardiola-Diaz, Akihiro Ishii, Rashmi Bansal
The presumed atypical chemokine receptor CXCR7 signals through Gi/o proteins in primary rodent
Veysel Ödemis, Jana Lipfert, Robert Kraft, Peter Hajek, Getu Abraham, Kirsten Hattermann, Rolf Mentlein, Jürgen Engele
Phagocytosis of neuronal debris by microglia is associated with neuronal damage in multiple sclerosis
Ruth Huizinga, Baukje J. van der Star, Markus Kipp, Rosa Jong, Wouter Gerritsen, Tim Clarner, Fabiola Puentes, Christine D. Dijkstra, Paul van der Valk, Sandra Amor
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