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  Art History
Australian Economic History Review
Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies
Diplomatic History
Early Medieval Europe
Economic History Review
Gender & History
The Historian
Historical Research
History Compass
History and Theory
History of Education Quarterly
Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies
The Journal of the Historical Society
Journal of Historical Sociology
Journal of Religious History
Journal of the History of Behavioral Science
Journal of Supreme Court History
The Latin Americanist
Parliamentary History
Renaissance Studies
Russian Review
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  Art History  
  Tim Barringer
'I Am a Native, Rooted Here': Benjamin Britten, Samuel Palmer and the Neo-Romantic Pastoral

Matthew Rampley
The Idea of a Scientific Discipline: Rudolf von Eitelberger and the Emergence of Art History in Vienna, 1847-1873

Patricia Rubin
'The Liar': Fictions of the Person
  Art History  
  Australian Economic History Review  
  Garry D. Carnegie
The Development of Accounting Regulation, Education, and Literature in Australia, 1788-2005

Peter Spearritt
The 200-km City: Brisbane, The Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast

Jon C. Altman, Nicholas Biddle, Boyd H. Hunter
Prospects for -"Closing The Gap"- in Socioeconomic Outcomes for Indigenous Australians?
  Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies  
  Christopher Pelling
Herodotus and Samos

Susan Sherratt
The Trojan War: History or Bricolage?

Peter Liddel
Epigraphy, Legislation, and Power within the Athenian Empire
  Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies  
  Truus Van Bosstraeten
Dogs and Coca-Cola: Commemorative Practices as part of Laboratory Culture at the Heymans Institute Ghent, 1902-1970

Kristian H. Nielsen
Technological Trajectories in the Making: Two Case Studies from the Contemporary History of Wind Power

Kerry V. Magruder
Jesuit Science After Galileo: The Cosmology of Gabriele Beati
  Diplomatic History  
  David C. Engerman, Corinna R Unger
Introduction: Towards a Global History of Modernization

Mary Elise Sarotte
Not One Inch Eastward? Bush, Baker, Kohl, Genscher, Gorbachev, and the Origin of Russian Resentment toward NATO Enlargement in February 1990

J. Samuel Walker
Recent Literature on Truman's Atomic Bomb Decision: A Search for Middle Ground
  Diplomatic History  
  Early Medieval Europe  
  Stratis Papaioannou
Michael Psellos on Friendship and Love: Erotic Discourse in Eleventh-century Constantinople

Benjamin Garstad
Barbarian Interest in the Excerpta Latina Barbari

Brian Ayers
The growth of an urban landscape: recent research in early medieval Norwich
  Early Medieval Europe  
  The Economic History Review  
  R.C. Allen
Why the Industrial Revolution was British: Commerce,Induced Invention, and the Scientific Revolution

Jan De Vries
The Limits of Globalization in the Early Modern World

Robert C. Allen, Jean-Pascal Bassino, Debin Ma, Christine Moll-Murata, and Jan Luiten Van Zanden
Wages, Prices, and Living Standards in China, 1738-1925: In Comparison with Europe, Japan, and India
  The Economic History Review  
  Gender & History  
  Kevin P. Murphy and Jennifer M. Spear
Historicising Sexuality and Gender

Carole Rawcliffe
A Marginal Occupation? The Medieval Laundress and her Work

Elizabeth Kolsky
'The Body Evidencing the Crime': Rape on Trial in Colonial India, 1860-1947
  Gender & History  
  The Historian  
  Alfred A. Cave
Abuse of Power: Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act of 1830

Gregory G. Guzman
European Captives And Craftsmen Among The Mongols, 1231-1255

Sascha Auerbach
"Some Punishment Should Be Devised:" Parents, Children, and the State in Victorian London
  The Historian  
  Historical Research  
  John Gibney
Protestant Interests? The 1641 Rebellion and State Formation in Early Modern Ireland

Katharina Rietzler
Before the Cultural Cold Wars: American Philanthropy and Cultural Diplomacy in the Inter-war Years

Lynn Hollen Lees
Urban Civil Society: The Context of Empire
  Historical Research  
  Matthew Worley
Why Fascism? Sir Oswald Mosley and the Conception of the British Union of Fascists

Joanne Bailey
A Very Sensible Man': Imagining Fatherhood in England c.1750-1830

Spencer Mawby
Orientalism and the Failure of British Policy in the Middle East: The Case of Aden
  History Compass  
  John Gibney
Early Modern Ireland: A British Atlantic Colony?

Irina Metzler
Disability in the Middle Ages: Impairment at the Intersection of Historical Inquiry and Disability Studies

Michael Roche
World War One British Empire Discharged Soldier Settlement in Comparative Focus
  History Compass  
  History and Theory  
  Jan Plamper
The History of Emotions: An Interview with William Reddy, Barbara Rosenwein, and Peter Stearns

Christoph Classen
Balanced Truth: Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List among History, Memory, and Popular Culture

Stefan-Ludwig Hoffman
Koselleck, Arendt, and the Anthropology of Historical Experience
  History and Theory  
  History of Education Quarterly  
  Dionne Danns
Northern Desegregation: A Tale of Two Cities

Jonathan Zimmerman
Money, Materials, and Manpower": Ghanaian In-Service Teacher Education and the Political Economy of Failure

Stephen Provasnik
Judicial Activism and the Origins of Parental Choice: The Court's Role in the Institutionalization of Compulsory Education in the United States
  History of Education Quarterly  
  Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies  
  Murray Pittock
Treacherous Objects: Towards a Theory of Jacobite Material Culture

Stana Nenadic
Portraits of Scottish Professional Men in London, c.1760-1830: Careers, Connections and Reputations

Sam George
Animated Beings: Enlightenment Entomology for Girls
  Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies  
  The Journal of the Historical Society  
  Stewart Justman
Imagination's Trickery: The Discovery of the Placebo Effect

Anthony Perron
The Face of the "Pagan:" Portraits of Religious Deviance on the Medieval Periphery

Abraham Ascher
Was Hitler a Riddle?
  The Journal of the Historical Society  
  Journal of Historical Sociology  
  Philip Abrams
Notes on the Difficulty of Studying the State (1977)

Jana Grekul, Arvey Krahn and Dave Odynak
Sterilizing the "Feeble-minded": Eugenics in Alberta, Canada, 1929-1972

George Steinmetz
The Relations between Sociology and History in the United States: The Current State of Affairs
  Journal of Historical Sociology  
  Journal of Religious History  
  David Keyworth
The Aetiology of Vampires and Revenants: Theological Debate and Popular Belief

Laura Premack
"The Holy Rollers Are Invading Our Territory": Southern Baptist Missionaries and the Early Years of Pentecostalism in Brazil

Ian Miller
Evangelicalism and the Early Vegetarian Movement in Britain c.1847-1860
  Journal of Religious History  
  Journal of the History of the Behavioral Science  
  David T. Schmit
The Mesmerists Inquire about "Oriental Mind Powers:" West Meets East in the Search for the Universal Trance

John G. Benjafield
The Golden Section and American Psychology, 1892-1938

Lawrence T. Nichols
Merton as Harvard Sociologist: Engagement, Thematic Continuities, and Institutional Linkages
  Journal of the History of the Behavioral Science  
  Journal of Supreme Court History  
  Geoffrey R. Stone
Civil Liberties in Wartime

Polly J. Price
Mapp v. Ohio Revisited: A Law Clerk's Diary

Sarah Barringer
GordonThe Mormon Question: Polygamy and Constitutional Conflict in Nineteenth-Century America
  Journal of Supreme Court History  
  The Latin Americanist  
  James D. Henderson
Plan Colombia's Place in the Democratic Security Program of Alvaro Uribe Vélez

Mónica Toussaint
"Armas, Bombas, Guerrilla Y Diplomacia: Memorias De Un Diplomático Mexicano En El Salvador, 1980-1981"

Waltraud Q. Morales
From Revolution to Revolution: Bolivia's National Revolution and the "Re-founding" Revolution of Evo Morales
  The Latin Americanist  
  Parliamentary History  
  Hilary McDonald Beckles
The Wilberforce Song: How Enslaved Caribbean Blacks Heard British Abolitionists

David Feldman
Extending the Role of the Courts: The Human Rights Act 1998

Robert Blackburn
Laying the Foundations of the Modern Voting System: The Representation of the People Act 1918
  Parliamentary History  
  Renaissance Studies  
  Jonathan Woolfson
The Renaissance of Bees

Naomi Baker
'To Make Love to a Deformity': Praising Ugliness in Early Modern England

Thomas McGrath
Dominicans, Franciscans, and the Art of Political Rivalry: Two Drawings and a Fresco by Giovanni Battista della Rovere
  Renaissance Studies  
  Russian Review  
  David Moon
The Debate Over Climate Change in the Steppe Region in Nineteenth-Century Russia

Stephen Brain
Stalin's Environmentalism

Erik C. Landis
Who Were the "Greens"? Rumor and Collective Identity in the Russian Civil War
  Russian Review  
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