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SPECIAL ISSUE: Climate Change and Plant Disease
This is a collection of invited contributions by internationally recognised authorities from around the world. It offers opinion, approach, strategy, critique and a road map to progress the science and application of plant disease research in coping with climate change. The debates on food security under climate change have ignored plant diseases, although weather-driven epidemics have historically caused famines killing and disrupting human lives. This timely publication will be useful to researchers, educators, plant protection specialists and practitioners, policy makers and general public interested in issues of climate change, plant disease and food security.
Climate change, plant diseases and food security: an overview
Abstract | Full Article (HTML)

Complexity in climate-change impacts: an analytical framework for effects mediated by plant disease
Abstract | Full Article (HTML)

Geographic distribution of plant pathogens in response to climate change
Abstract | Full Article (HTML)

Impacts of changing air composition on severity of arable crop disease epidemics
Abstract | Full Article (HTML)

Influence of atmospheric and climatic change on plant–pathogen interactions
Abstract | Full Article (HTML)

Pathogen dynamics in a crop canopy and their evolution under changing climate
Abstract | Full Article (HTML)
Soil organisms and global climate change
Abstract | Full Article (HTML)

Potential strategies and future requirements for plant disease management under a changing climate
Abstract |Full Article (HTML)

Climate change and diseases of food crops
Abstract | Full Article (HTML)

Diseases in tropical and plantation crops as affected by climate changes: current knowledge and perspectives
Abstract | Full Article (HTML)

Climate change and forest diseases
Abstract | Full Article (HTML)

Possible climate-change effects on mycotoxin contamination of food crops pre- and postharvest
Abstract | Full Article (HTML)

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