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Business Ethics
Welcome to the Wiley Business & Management Newsletter. In this edition, we’re offering you access to the latest research on Business Ethics.

Wiley publish more journals in ISI’s ‘Management’ and ‘Business Finance’ categories than any other publisher, and have more publications ranked in the Financial Times journal list than anyone else. Read the research below, and find out why!
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  Journal Spotlight  
Business Ethics: a European Review
Business Ethics: A European Review
Where is Business Ethics?
How has business ethics evolved? What state it is in today? What is its future? Find out in this free special issue.
Read the issue here [Free]
International Journal of Management Reviews
International Journal of Management Reviews
Corporate Social Responsibility
This issue provides five literature surveys of key CSR topics, focusing on organizational and managerial levels of analysis.
Read the issue here [Free]
Business and Society Review
Business and Society Review
Free Sample Issue
This sample issue addresses a wide range of ethical issues on the relationship between business, society, and the public good.
Read the issue here [Free]
British Journal of Management
British Journal of Management
Understanding Ethical Behaviour in Management
Read articles on the widespread emergence of unethical decision-making in management.
Read the issue here [Free]
Management and Organization Review
Management and Organization Review
Publishing Ethics
Read this collection of exciting research on the state of publishing ethics in China.
Read the issue here [Free]
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  Free Articles  
Journal of Management Studies
Reputation and Corporate Social Responsibility Aberrations, Trends, and Hypocrisy: Reactions to Firm Choices in the Stock Option Backdating Scandal
Jay J. Janney, Steve Gove
International Journal of Management Reviews
Organizational Stages and Cultural Phases: A Critical Review and a Consolidative Model of Corporate Social Responsibility Development
François Maon, Adam Lindgreen, Valérie Swaen
Journal of Organizational Behavior
The relationship between ethical leadership and core job characteristics
Ronald F. Piccolo, Rebecca Greenbaum,
Deanne N. den Hartog, Robert Folger
Management and Organization Review
Ethics and Integrity in the Publishing Process: Myths, Facts, and a Roadmap
Marshall Schminke, Maureen L. Ambrose
Corporate Governance: An International Review
Corporate Governance in the Debate on CSR and Ethics: Sensemaking of Social Issues in Management by Authorities and CEOs
Yves Fassin, Annick Van Rossem
British Journal of Management
To Win, or Not to Lose, At Any Cost: The Impact of Achievement Goals on Cheating
Nico W. Van Yperen, Melvyn R.W. Hamstra and Marloes van der Klauw
Gender, Work & Organization
The Ethics of Relational Leading: Gender Matters
Jennifer Binns
European Management Review
Towards a stakeholder society: Stakeholder theory vs theory of civil society
Maria Bonnafous-Boucher, Simon Porcher
Creativity and Innovation Management
The Ethical Dilemma of Information Asymmetry in Innovation: Reputation, Investors and Noise in the Innovation Channel
Carla Millar, Yuri Udalov, Hartley Millar
Business Ethics: A European Review
Human rights and positive corporate duties: the importance of corporate–state interaction
Ivar Kolstad
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources
The moral autonomy of human resource managers
Robert Macklin
Journal of Consumer Behavior
Why don't consumers consume ethically?
Giana M. Eckhardt, Russell Belk and
Timothy M. Devinney
Strategic Management Journal
Who bribes? evidence from the United Nations'
Oil-for-food program
Yujin Jeong and Robert J. Weiner
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Which Entrepreneurs Bribe and What Do They Get From It? Exploratory Evidence From Vietnam
Gjalt de Jong, Phan Anh Tu, Hans van Ees
Human Resource Management
Exploring the Ethicality of Firing Employees Who Blog
Sean Valentine, Gary M. Fleischman, Robert Sprague, and Lynn Godkin
Business Strategy and the Environment
Corporate Responsibility and Identity: from a Stakeholder to an Awareness Approach
Pasi Heikkurinen and Tarja Ketola
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management
What motivates managers to pursue corporate responsibility? a survey among key stakeholders
Caroline D. Ditlev-Simonsen and Atle Midttun
Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences / Revue Canadienne des Sciences de l'Administration
Employee Identities in Corporate Codes of Ethics: The Equal, Responsible, Subordinating, and Self-Monitoring Employee
Ingo Winkler
Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society
Gender, Race, and the New (Merit-Based) Employment Relationship
Emilio J. Castilla
Business and Society Review
Demonstrating the Need for Effective Business Ethics: An Alternative Approach
Jason Childs
Psychology & Marketing
Do Violent Social Cause Advertisements Promote Social Change? An Examination of Implicit Associations
Natalina Zlatevska, Mark T. Spence
American Business Law Journal
The Law and Ethics of Restrictions on an Employee's Post-Employment Mobility
Norman D. Bishara and
Michelle Westermann-Behaylo
Journal of Legal Studies Education
Creating a Course in Global Business Ethics: A Modest Proposal
Lucien J. Dhooge
Review of Policy Research
Blurred Boundaries: Probing the Ethics of Cyberspace Research
Ronald Deibert, Masashi Crete-Nishihata
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  Essential Books  
Is China Buying the World? The Financial Crisis - Who is to blame? Whose Crisis? Whose Future?
Is China Buying
the World?

Peter Nolan
The Financial Crisis -
Who is to blame?

Howard Davies
Whose Crisis?
Whose Future?

Susan George
Buy it here! Buy it here! Buy it here!
The Ethics Challenge in Public Service The Responsible Administrator The Strange Non-Death of Neo-Liberalism
The Ethics Challenge in
Public Service

Carol Lewis
The Responsible

Terry L. Cooper
The Strange Non-Death
of Neo-Liberalism

Colin Crouch
Buy it here! Buy it here! Buy it here!
  Call for Papers  
Decision Science
Decision Sciences
Submissions are welcomed for a forthcoming issue focused on Responsible Purchasing and Supply Practices.
Read the call
for papers
Business Strategy and the Environment
Business Strategy and the Environment
Papers are invited for
a special issue on Transdisciplinarity in Corporate Sustainability.
Read the call
for papers
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