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Genes,Brain and Behavior Genes,Brain and Behavior
2010 Impact Factor: 4.061
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  10 years of shaping the field

Genes, Brain and Behavior (G2B) was launched in 2002 at a time when it was becoming increasingly apparent that the 'genomic revolution' would offer powerful new opportunities for studying how brain functions regulate behavior.

Since then, G2B has established itself as a premier journal in multiple disciplines. The most recent journal ranking data put G2B in the top of 12.5% of journals in the Behavioral Sciences category and upper quartile of Neuroscience journals overall.

This virtual special issue showcases reviews and commentaries that have helped guide the field, as well as a selection of empirical papers, old and new, that illustrate the quality and cross-species depth of the research published.
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Genes, Brain and Behavior: At the vanguard of behavioral and genomic neuroscience
Andrew Holmes

Biological pathways to adaptability−interactions between genome, epigenome, nervous system and environment for adaptive behavior
C. Wolf, D. E. J. Linden

The utility of the non−human primate model for studying gene by environment interactions in behavioral research
C. S. Barr, T. K. Newman, M. L. Becker, C. C. Parker, M. Champoux, K. P. Lesch, D. Goldman, S. J. Suomi, J. D. Higley

Linking genes to brain, behavior and neurological diseases: what can we learn from zebrafish?
S. Guo

Standards for the publication of mouse mutant studies
W. E. Crusio, D. Goldowitz, A. Holmes, D. Wolfer

A hitchhiker's guide to behavioral analysis in laboratory rodents
N. Sousa, O. F. X. Almeida, C. T. Wotjak

High−throughput behavioral phenotyping in the expanded panel of BXD recombinant inbred strains
G. W. M. Bothe, V. J. Bolivar, M. J. Vedder, J. G. Geistfeld

Genetic and behavioral differences among five inbred mouse strains commonly used in the production of transgenic and knockout mice
V. M. Philip et al.

Dopamine D4 receptor and serotonin transporter gene effects on the longitudinal development of infant temperament
K. Holmboe, Z. Nemoda, R. M. P. Fearon, M. Sasvari-Szekely, M. H. Johnson

Functional genetic variation in the Rev−Erbα pathway and lithium response in the treatment of bipolar disorder
M. J. McCarthy, C. M. Nievergelt, T. Shekhtman, D. F. Kripke, D. K. Welsh, J. R. Kelsoe

DNA methylation changes elicited by social stimuli in the brains of worker honey bees
G. A. Lockett, R. Kucharski, R. Maleszka

Michael Rutter: Genes and behavior: nature−nurture interplay explained
Seth G. N. Grant
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