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Human Resource Management
Welcome to the Wiley-Blackwell Business & Management Newsletter. In this edition, we're offering you access to the latest research on Employment Relations and Human Resources.

Wiley-Blackwell publishes some of the most widely read, frequently cited, and highly-ranked journals in the ISI's 'Business', 'Management', and 'Industrial Relations' categories. Read the articles below, and find out why!
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  Journal Spotlight
APJHR Joins Wiley Blackwell   HRMJ Launches 'Provocation Papers'
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources   Human Resource Management Journal
Wiley-Blackwell is now the proud publisher of the Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources (APJHR) – the official journal of the Australian Human Resources Institute.
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  HRMJ has launched a 'provocation' article series, in which leading HRM scholars challenge traditional ideas in the field, and chart areas for future study.
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Does Management Training Work?   Industrial Relations Celebrates 50th Anniversary
International Journal of Training and Development   Industrial Relations
This special issue of IJTD explores the current state of management training, and reviews whether such training actually prevents poor management practices.
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Journal of Employment Counseling is now online   Career Development Quarterly Goes Digital
Journal of Employment Counseling   The Career Development Quarterly
From 2012, every issue of the Journal of Employment Counseling can now be read on Wiley Online Library.
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  All volumes of The Career Development Quarterly are now available online for the first time!
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 Free Journal Articles
Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being   International Journal of Training and Development
Rethinking the Work–Life Interface: It's Not about Balance, It's about Resource Allocation
Matthew J. Grawitch, Larissa K. Barber and Logan Justice
  The relationship between job dissatisfaction and training transfer
Susanne Jodlbauer, Eva Selenko, Bernad Batinic, Barbara Stiglbauer
Applied Psychology   Industrial Relations Journal
For Fun, Love, or Money: What Drives Workaholic, Engaged, and Burned-Out Employees at Work?
Ilona van Beek, Qiao Hu, Wilmar B. Schaufeli, Toon W. Taris and Bert H.J. Schreurs
  Reframing employment relations: the case for neo-pluralism
Peter Ackers
Business Ethics   International Journal of Selection and Assessment
Whistleblowing in a changing legal climate: is it time to revisit our approach to trust and loyalty at the workplace?
David Lewis
  Selection Practices in Canadian Firms: An empirical investigation
Sara L. Mann and James Chowhan
British Journal of Industrial Relations   Journal of Organizational Behaviour
Teamwork, Skill Development and Employee Welfare
Duncan Gallie, Ying Zhou, Alan Felstead, Francis Green
  Presenteeism in the workplace: A review and research agenda
Gary Johns
British Journal of Management   Journal of Management Studies
A Matter of Learning: How Human Resources Affect Organizational Performance
Joaquín Camps and Roberto Luna-Arocas
  Analysing the 'Black Box' of HRM: Uncovering HR Goals, Mediators, and Outcomes in a Standardized Service Environment
Peter Boxall, Siah Hwee Ang, Timothy Bartram
Business Strategy Review   Management and Organizational Review
Getting the Right People on the Right Projects
Julian Birkinshaw
  Putting Strategic Human Resource Management in Context: A Contextualized Model of High Commitment Work Systems and Its Implications in China
Sunghoon Kim and Patrick M. Wright
Human Resource Management Journal   Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
Exploring human capital: putting 'human' back into strategic human resource management
Patrick M. Wright, Gary C. McMahan
  Interface between work and family: A longitudinal individual and crossover perspective
Ulla Kinnunen, Taru Feldt, Saija Mauno and Johanna Rantanen
European Management Review   The Career Development Quarterly
Employment relationships in knowledge-based firms: Who should have power?
Claudio Panico
  Integrating Individual Differences in Career Assessment: The Atlas Model of Individual Differences and the Strong Ring
Patrick Ian Armstrong and James Rounds
Gender, Work & Organisation   Journal of Employment Counseling
The Gendered Implications of Corporate Value Change
Gail Hebson, Annette Cole
  In-House Career Coaching: An International Partnership
Debra McDermott and Roberta A. Neault
Global Strategy Journal   Strategic Entrepeneurship Journal
How global strategies emerge: an attention perspective
Cyril Bouquet and Julian Birkinshaw
  The mediating role of knowledge-based capital for corporate entrepreneurship effects on performance: A study of small- to medium-sized firms
Zeki Simsek and Ciaran Heavey
International Journal of Management Reviews   Strategic Management Journal
Employee Well-being and the HRM–Organizational Performance Relationship: A Review of Quantitative Studies
Karina Van De Voorde, Jaap Paauwe, Marc Van Veldhoven
  Are family-friendly workplace practices a valuable firm resource?
Nick Bloom, Tobias Kretschmer and John Van Reenen
New Technology, Work and Employment   R&D Management
The next available agent: work organisation in Indian call centres
Mohan Thite and Bob Russell
  R&D managers' adaptation of firms' HRM practices
Pedro Ortín Ángel and Lluís Santamaria Sánchez
Business and Society Review   Negotiation and Conflict Management Research
Health-Care Reform and ESI: Reconsidering the Relationship Between Employment and Health Insurance
Patricia C. Flynn
  Avoidance Brings Japanese Employees What They Care About in Conflict Management: Its Functionality and "Good Member" Image
Ken-ichi Ohbuchi, Emi Atsumi
Industrial and Organizational Psychology   Negotiation Journal
Equal Employment Versus Equal Opportunity: A Naked Political Agenda Covered by a Scientific Fig Leaf
James C. Sharf
  Labor–Management Relations: Understanding and Practicing Effective Negotiations
Robert McKersie, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld
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   Essential Reading  
The Performance Pipeline: Getting the Right Performance At Every Level of Leadership   The Leadership Pipeline: How to Build the Leadership Powered Company, 2nd Edition   Handbook of International Human Resource Management : Integrating People, Process, and Context
The Performance Pipeline
Stephen Drotter
  The Leadership Pipeline
Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, Jim Noel
  Handbook of International Human Resource Management
Paul Sparrow
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Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management, Volume 1, Key Topics and Issues   Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management – Volume 2, Human Resources and Employment Forms   Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management, Volume 3, Critical and Emerging Issues in Human Resources
Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management – Volume 1, Key Topics and Issues
Robert Prescott and William Rothwell
  Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management – Volume 2, Human Resources and Employment Forms
William Rothwell, Jed Lindholm, Karen Yarrish, Aileen Zaballero
  Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management – Volume 3, Critical and Emerging Issues in Human Resources
William Rothwell, George Benscoter
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